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Starts from N2500/Lesson

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Starts from N2500/Lesson

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Piano Lessons


Starts from N2500/Lesson

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Starts from N2500/Lesson

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Starts from N2500/Lesson

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Starts from N2500/Lesson

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You can connect with friendly Music Tutors with a vast wealth of experience to provide quality service. Get Music Lessons Near You for kids and adults.

Do You want to suit your schedule? Maybe an online Music lesson is what you need. Distance can never be a barrier.

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"Music Lessons have helped my child to concentrate better. My daughter can now focus on a task and finish it."
Mr. Ben
"I have always wanted to learn how to play the violin. My daughter and I have gained so much through this Violin Lessons. "
Mrs. Rose
"I would always recommend Pianowella to anyone who wants the best music lessons. Their Tutors and Support is just awesome. Thanks to Mr. Richard for this platform. "
Mrs. Jessica

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Frequently asked questions

You can choose a program that is convenient for you or your child. Popular Lesson Plans are for 6 Months, 12 Months, 24 Months and More. Length of Program also depends on individual performance. Our Optimized Plans enable you or your child to achieve targets regardless of the length of lesson. 

An average hour lesson is N2500. Our payment is flexible to meet your need. 

Yes. We do offer Online Lessons for distant Learners. Our approach consist of series of video lessons and live video tutorials.

You can connect with your Music Tutor after You Register For Your Lesson. Register Now

Yes You Can. We have Music Lessons for Everyone, no matter your age or level of experience.

Music Lessons Near You

Start Music Lessons Early

The best time to start music lessons is now. As we all know, music is a universal language. It permeates various tribes, religions and cultures across the world. Music is part of us, we experience music everywhere and almost always. No generation can ascribe the origin of music to itself because music predates all known ages. There is none that can question the power and potency of music. You need music lessons near you in Lagos? Request for music lessons here.

There are two aspects of music lessons, music theory  and practical music. In theoretical music, you will learn the fundamentals of music referred to rudiments of music. Music is defined as the combination of sounds in a manner that is pleasant to the ear. Sound is a product of vibration. Sound is a product of vibration.

Music Lessons near you: Taking Music Lessons with a Private Tutor

You can have quality music lessons near you for any category you need, voice training, piano, violin, guitar, saxophone, cello, and many more. Joining group music lessons is one way of learning music. Students often like to connect with fellow students to learn more from them and share ideas. Having a private tutor is another way of gaining more from music lessons. 

Many great musical performers have benefitted from having a special tutor teaching and mentoring them. This method helps you to get more detailed knowledge from your music teacher, as you can always ask several questions without limits when any concept is not quite understood. Getting a reliable and knowledgeable music lesson tutor is now very much easy. Request now for a music tutor near you.