Rema Songs

Rema Songs: A Playlist of Great Hits

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Nigeria has constantly produced extraordinary talents in the exhilarating world of music, and one name that has been making waves on the worldwide scene is Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema. Interestingly, this young artist, who was born on May 1, 2000, has grabbed the hearts of millions with his distinct sound, flair, and personality. Indeed, how well can we appreciate this young charming prince of Nigerian music other than highlighting his rise to the pinnacle of global music. In this blog article, we’ll look at Rema’s life and career, his thrilling playlists, examining how he rose to fame and why he’s regarded as one of Nigeria’s brightest musical performers.

Rema Songs - Early Life and Background

Rema was born and reared in the Nigerian artistic city of Benin, Edo State. His career in music began at a very young age, when he began rapping and singing in his local church choir. He was exposed to a wide range of musical styles as a child, from Afrobeat and reggae to hip-hop and R&B. This varied musical upbringing had a huge impact on the development of his individual sound. Furthermore, his humble beginning offered a tremendous opportunity to showcase his raw talent to the admiration of his earliest fans. 

Rema Songs

Rema Songs and his rise to Stardom

The ‘Dumebi’ maestro’s big break occurred in 2019 when he was found by D’Prince, a fellow Nigerian musician and Mavin Records member. D’Prince, who was impressed with Rema’s talent, presented him to Don Jazzy, the acclaimed producer and founder of Mavin Records. Rema’s promise was spotted by Don Jazzy, who signed him to his label. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the young artist

His Debut EP: "Rema"

Rema released his self-titled debut EP, “Rema,” in March 2019. The album had four songs, including the big singles “Dumebi” and “Iron Man.” With its addictive melody and danceable tempo, “Dumebi,” in particular, became an instant sensation. Rema rose to international prominence thanks to the song’s music video, which received millions of views on YouTube.

Rema Songs

Rema songs and his Genre-blending Music

The ability to effectively integrate diverse genres in his music distinguishes him from many of his competitors. Rema draws inspiration from Afrobeat, trap, dancehall, and R&B to create a unique and appealing sound. His variety enables him to connect with a wide range of audiences, from classic Afrobeat aficionados to followers of modern trap and hip-hop. 

International Recognition

Rema’s ability rapidly drew the attention of the international music industry. He has been featured on numerous international platforms and has gotten accolades from artists and music journalists all over the world. His EP “Rema” received international acclaim, and he was dubbed one of Africa’s most promising new musicians.

Rema Songs

His “Bad Commando” EP

In October 2019, Rema released “Bad Commando” following the success of his debut EP. The EP included smash songs like “Lady” and “Bad Commando,” which cemented his place in the Nigerian music scene. Rema’s distinct style and magnetic stage presence earned him a fan favorite among music fans and concertgoers.

Rema Songs - His Awards and Accolade

Rema’s outstanding talent has not gone unnoticed. He has won numerous honors and nominations, including the 2019 Headies Award for Rookie of the Year. Moreover, his contributions to the Nigerian music business have gained him the respect and adoration of both his contemporaries and fans.

Rema Songs

Rema Songs and Collaborations

This young music superstar has worked with both Nigerian and foreign artists, exhibiting his versatility and eagerness to experiment with new sounds. Collaborations with musicians such as Drake, Selena Gomez and Skepta have raised his global reputation even more, signaling that he is primed for even greater success in the future. Rema’s story is one that further highlights the power of dreaming big but starting small. The little steps he took earlier in his career compounded to leap frog him to the global stage. 

Rema Songs

Check out his hit video 'Calm Down'


Rema has evolved as a true musical phenomenon in just a few short years. His distinct blend of genres, captivating melodies, and magnetic charm catapulted him to the forefront of the Nigerian music scene and garnered him a worldwide following base. Furthermore, Rema will undoubtedly leave an unforgettable impression on the worldwide music business as he continues to mature as an artist. Moreover, we’ll keep an eye on this rising star because Rema’s best is yet to come.

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