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Afro Beats: Interesting Facts About West Africa’s Music Rise

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Afro beats are collections of music genres which originates from Nigeria and transcends borders. Impressively, Afro beat has caught the attention of global audiences with its rich rhythmic style. In particular, it is a musical landscape that captivates the soul and stirs up the spirit of Africa. Indeed, Africa is a continent of lively cultures, diverse traditions as well as rich heritage.

The Afro beats have become a force in the world’s culture.  Besides, Afro beat blends classical Africa rhythms with today’s influences to produce an audio that is liked by audiences all over the globe.

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Over the years, the genre has evolved and diversified, incorporating elements of hip-hop, reggae, and dancehall, while retaining its distinct African identity. Today, artists such as Burna Boy, Wizkid and Davido are at the forefront of a global music scene. Impressively, Afro beats are becoming an integral part of our daily lives, being driven by electric performances and contagious songs. 

Let’s dive deeper into the rhythms and melodies of Afro beats. Thus, we shall embark on a journey to unlock the rich essence of African music. Likewise, let’s celebrate the vibrant spirit of creativity, color and innovation that defines this genre.


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The Origin of Afro beats

African beats emerged from the streets of Nigeria in the late twentieth century. Impressively, it blended traditional African rhythms with Western influences such as hip hop, dancehall, and reggae. Afro beats quickly became a symbol of resistance and cultural pride, thanks to legendary artists such as Fela Kuti. Besides, Fela vigorously infused his music with social and political commentary.

The story of the origin of Afro beats is one which indeed can be described as amazing, spontaneous yet progressive. In 2006, some group of musicians came together to promote the music that was popular in West Africa at that time. Popular Nigerian artists at that time were 2baba, D’banj and P-Square. Besides, earlier songs had various mixed of electronic and dance music with elements of high-life, dancehall, hip-hop and R&B. Then, it was all about self discovery and the evolution of black expression. 

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Moreover, Africans living abroad needed something to connect back home. Fela Kuti’s music brand of Afro beat was broadly political and orchestral. However, the mainstream Afro beats were digitally produced. It was often sung in pidgin, West African and English languages. Most African music fans would remember those days of writing the lyrics of their favorite songs. Unknown to many, a revolutionary trend was going to shake up the West African Music scene.    

Now, the likes of Wizkid, Burna Boy, Davido and many other talented Nigerian musicians are reshaping the music industry.

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The Sound of Afro beats

Afro beat is a genre that demands movement, defined by its infectious rhythms, pulsating beats, and energetic music. The fine blends of percussion, and the melodic strains of the saxophone, each adds its unique flavor to the mix. In particular, this creates a sound that is both familiar and truly African.

Burna Boy and Wizkid recently won Grammy awards, which immediately placed them on a global scene. There has been a wave of global collaborations between Nigerian Afro beat stars and American Pop stars. Impressively, these fusions have been beneficial for the global music scene and precisely, the music business.

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Indeed, Afro beats and the African culture are intertwined. Check out Burna Boy’s “On the low”, from his 2019 album, African Giant. This song prominently highlighted African politics, colonialism and economies.

Recently, Fireboy collaborated with global super star, Ed Sheeran for the remix of “Peru”. Impressively, the Afro beats music sensations are taking their trades to a whole new level. Afro beat is contagious; you’ll definitely dance to the beat. Indeed, the unique style of Afro beat has permanently come to stay in the global world of music.

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Global Influences and Recognitions of Afro Beats

Thanks to the success of artists such as Burna Boy, Wizkid and Davido. Afro beats have seen a surge in popularity on the world stage over the past few years. The aforementioned artists were praised and admired from all corners of the world for their clever songs and dynamic performances. Indeed, this has catapulted African beats to mainstream popularity while solidifying its place in modern music.

Now, Afro beats are played at popular night clubs and restaurants in the United States of America and in Europe too. Impressively, there’s a global acceptance of Afro beats. Evidently, quite a number of Afro beat sensations have sold out arenas for musical concerts. Davido’s performance at the last world cup was a spectacle to behold. Similarly, Asake’s helicopter entrance into the 02 arena was a creative performance taken to another level.

Burna Boy recently became the first African solo artist to headline the Hollywood Bowl. Impressively, he has performed at the very famous Madison Square Garden in New York. This was the first time for a Nigerian musician to headline a performance at this celebrated venue. Likewise, the African Giant crooner headlined the performances at the recent Grammy awards where he was yet nominated for awards. 

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In 2023, a former American president, Barak Obama published his summer holiday playlist. Indeed, it was amazing to see the likes of Burna Boy and Ayra Starr’s tracks featured on the list. Truly, the crave for Afro beats is mind-boggling. Recently, Universal Music Group acquired majority stake in Mavin Global to boost Nigerian music globally. This is a significant milestone in the quest to further the popularity of Afro beats to the world.

Afro Beats beyond Music

Afro beats are not only a genre of music; they’re also an art form that celebrates the vitality and resilience of Africa’s spirit. It’s a soundtrack to life, filled with moments of joy, sorrow, celebration and insight. The African beats have the power to unify people of all backgrounds and bring about change. Indeed it is a new trending black culture, thanks to its infectious rhythms and universal appeal.

Highlights of Some Afro Beats Artists

  1. Fela Kuti: He was widely regarded as the pioneer of Afro beats. Fela Kuti’s music was not only known for its infectious rhythms but also for its outspoken social and political commentary. Certainly, the legacy of his work is still influencing artists across the globe.
  2. Burna Boy: Burna Boy is a Nigerian born artist whose unique mix of Afro beats, dancehalls and reggae has earned him international renown. Impressively, he has earned critical praise and a dedicated global fan base, thanks to his distinctive sound and compelling performances.
  3. Wizkid: Another Nigerian artist, Wizkid, has become one of the biggest names in Afrobeats, with his catchy melodies and smooth vocals. Moreover, he’s been working with a lot of international artists, and he continues to push boundaries in the genre.
  4. Davido: Davido has had a significant role to play in the popularity of African beats around the world. Indeed, his energetic stage presence and catchy songs keep his fans wanting more. Davido’s music creates a sound that is resonant with audiences around the world. Impressively, he stylishly combines traditional African rhythms with contemporary influences, 
  5. Yemi Alade: Yemi Alade has become a household name in the Afrobeat scene with her energetic personality and contagious energy. In her music, she creates a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. Moreover, Yemi Alade blends traditional Africa’s sounds with the latest production techniques.
  6. Mr Eazi: Mr Eazi has become a pioneer in the genre, known for his creative fusion of African beats and modern sounds. In particular, his music expresses the Pan African upbringing, celebrating diversity within Africa’s rich culture.


These are only a few of the talented artists who have made their mark on today’s Afro beat landscape. Equally, each brings his or her style and point of view to the genre, contributing to its vitality and constantly changing sound. 

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Revenue Generated Globally from Afro Beats

Afro beat continues to  experience significant growth worldwide. Similarly, this also contributes to the overall revenue of the music industry. It is clear that the genre of Afro beat music has evolved into a thriving market in Africa and around the world. However, particular figures for its revenue may differ according to different factors like streaming, sales or public performances.

According to reports, the increasing popularity of this genre has led to an increase in worldwide revenue. Furthermore, the emergence of streaming services has also contributed to the growth of this industry. There’s more access to a broader audience for Africa’s music, including Afro beats. For example, African music revenues increased by 15.9% in 2019 compared to the global average. This is according to the International Federation of The Phonographic Industry.

Furthermore, the success of Afrobeat artists such as Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Davido has opened up new revenue streams. Especially, this has been achieved through collaboration, endorsement, and tour opportunities. Moreover, these artists thrive through their global appeal, fan support and revenues from markets around the world.

In summary, it is clear that Afro beats are having a substantial economic impact on both local and global levels. The exact figures may be difficult to ascertain due to the volatile nature of the music industry and its diversity in revenues. However, as the genre continues to evolve and reach new audiences, it will continue to grow its revenues. Finally, we hope this music keeps maintaining its position as a powerful force within the global music business.

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