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Kizz Daniel: Latest Songs and Biography of The “BUGA” Crooner

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Kizz Daniel strikes a chord with his charisma, talent and mystery in Nigeria’s sensational musical scene. Born Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, this Afro pop icon has created a niche in the industry. Remarkably, his unique style, powerful lyrics and contagious sounds have made him a cynosure. Let’s take a look at the fascinating journey of Kizz Daniel, a musical genius who continues to amaze audiences all over the world.

Kizz Daniel - The Genesis of a Star

Daniel’s growth in the music industry was not just a leap of faith but an expression of unyielding passion and innate talent. Remarkably, his musical journey began when he was a student at Abeokuta University in Ogun State, Nigeria. There, he learned to play the piano and also cultivated his love for music. No sooner than later, his perseverance and determination paid off. Thus, his remarkable voice and songwriting skills had caught the attention of industry professionals.

Kizz Daniel

Kizz Daniel – Breaking Boundaries with hits after hits

The meteoric rise of Kizz Daniel has been driven by his chart topping hits. Impressively, his songs have struck a chord with music fans all over the world. Each song highlights his variety and ability to create a melody that is still in the hearts of listeners, from “Woju” to “Mama,” “Yeba,” and “Madu.” Certainly, in an industry filled with talent, his unique blend of Afro beat, Highlife, and R&B has earned him praise and respect from fans and critics alike.

Kizz Daniel - The Flyboy Inc. Phenomenon

Kizz Daniel took a bold step in 2017 by establishing his record label; Flyboy Inc. Impressively, this has made him not only a musician but also an entrepreneurial businessman. Flyboy Inc. has provided a platform for emerging artists to flourish, nurture their talent and foster their creativity within the industry. Indeed, his vision is broader than his success. Similarly, he wants to ensure that the next generation of musicians are empowered to achieve their full potential.

Kizz Daniel - Beyond The Music

While Kizz Daniel’s musical talent is undeniable, his aura of mystery distinguishes him from the rest. Moreover, Kizz Daniel keeps a low profile, allowing his songs to express his identity and beliefs. Similarly, he tries to be different from other celebrities who focus on controversy and sensationalism. He prefers to shy away from the spotlight. However, this is a rare quality in an industry often plagued by drama and spectacle. Instead, Kizz Daniel prefers to let his talent speak.

His Legacy in the making

As Kizz Daniel continues to evolve as an artist and a visionary, his legacy looks promising on the horizon. He leaves an indelible mark on the Nigerian music landscape with each song, every album and inspires generations to follow. Furthermore, his commitment to excellence, and his constant dedication to the craft, ensures that he will have a lasting legacy.

Kizz Daniel Buga

Collaborations of Kizz Daniel

What sets Kizz Daniel’s collaborations apart is his ability to elevate the art form. Impressively, he infuses each track with his distinctive flair and energy. He’s not just adding his voice to the mix; he’s bringing a level of emotion and authenticity. Indeed, his uniqueness and passion resonates largely with his audience.


  1. “For You” featuring Wizkid: Kizz Daniel’s smooth voice, which complemented Wizkid’s signature style, is featured in this collaboration between two of Nigeria’s greatest artists and creates a hit song that has become an anthem for fans.
  2. “One Ticket” featuring Davido: Kizz Daniel and Davido’s compelling performance explores the complexities of love and relationships over an infectious beat. Impressively, “One Ticket” became an instant hit.
  3. “Loyal” with Major Lazer featuring Kranium & Kizz Daniel: Kizz Daniel’s distinctive flavor has been added to the mix. Remarkably, this resulted in a lively and dynamic track that blends Afrobeat with dancehall influences. His collaboration with internationally renowned electronic music trio, Major Lazer and Jamaican artist Kranium was an instant success.
  4. “True” with Mayorkun: Kizz Daniel performed a romantic song that caught the attention of audiences. Indeed, this collaboration showcased their chemistry and singing skills. They performed this song together with another artist from Nigeria, Mayorkun.
  5. “Currently” with Olamide, Falz and LK Kuddy: Kizz Daniel partners with Nigerian rap sensation Olamide, comic rapper Falz, and singer LK Kuddy to create a lively and upbeat track that celebrates the good life.

Kizz Daniel – A Musical Maestro

Kizz Daniel’s ascent to fame has been marked by a string of chart-topping hits that have captivated audiences worldwide. Indeed, every song has been a hit on the radio and has earned him a legion of dedicated fans and admirers. Certainly, from his breakthrough hit “Woju” to the infectious “Mama,” “Yeba” and “Madu”, he keeps developing as an artist.  

Global Recognition

Beyond the shores of Nigeria, Kizz Daniel’s music has resonated with audiences across the globe. Thus, this has earned him international acclaim and recognition. He has managed to break geographic boundaries and establish himself as an icon of Afro pop music worldwide. Moreover, his ability to mix various musical influences is a unique asset. Through his collaboration with the world’s most famous artists, he stands amongst the greatest.

Kizz Daniel Songs

Legacy in the making

Kizz Daniel’s legacy in the music industry is growing stronger as he continues to push boundaries for creativity and innovation. Indeed, he is not just taking his place in history, but also inspiring the next generation of artists to pursue excellence.

Awards and Nominations

Kizz Daniel’s talent has not gone unnoticed in the industry. His trophy cabinet has been impressive as evidenced by the numerous awards and nominations he has received over the years. Moreover, he has been rewarded severally for his hard work. Let’s check out a few of his awards and nominations below:


  • The Headies Award: Kizz Daniel was a frequent favorite at the prestigious Headies Awards. Impressively, he won multiple awards in different categories including Best Pop Single, Best R&B pop album and artist of the year.
  • Nigerian Entertainment Award: At the NEA, Kizz Daniel’s contributions to the music industry have been duly acknowledged. Furthermore, he has been nominated and awarded for his outstanding achievements in the field of music.
  • MTV Africa Music Award: Kizz Daniel’s worldwide appeal has won him a nomination for the MTV Africa Music Awards. In particular, this reinforced his position as one of Africa’s brightest musical talents.

Kizz Daniel’s awards and achievements are a testament to his unparalleled talent, dedication, and resilience in the face of adversity. One thing is certain: Kizz Daniel’s star will continue to shine brightly. Moreover, he will illuminate the path for aspiring musicians and music lovers alike, as he continues to write his musical legacy.


Finally, Kizz Daniel’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of music and the resilience of the human spirit. He has overcome the odds and emerged as a true icon of his generation. He started from a modest beginning up to worldwide fame. One thing is certain, as we eagerly await his next masterpiece; Kizz Daniel’s star will continue to shine bright, illuminating the path for aspiring musicians and music lovers alike.

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